Bruna Cabral

Born in 1995 and raised in Belém do Pará (Brazil), Bruna Cabral started learning drums at the age of 11, which led to studying Percussion/Drumset at Carlos Gomes Conservatory, in both popular and classical expertises.

Bruna holds an artistic bachelor's degree in percussion from the Universidade do Estado do Pará (UEPA) in Brazil and a master's degree in "Professional Performance - Percussion" from the Folkwang University of the Arts (FUdK) in Essen, Germany.

Currently, ​is part of different music projects, e.g. Rolf Blumig, Martin Müller & The Brazilian Trio, Pink_Piranha, Betocaduo, Amana Trio and Frappier; covering a wide range of different genres, such as: Brazilian/Latin music, jazz, R&B, pop, expermental and classical.

In the areas of theatre, dance and performative music, she collaborated on projects including: Species Pitches (UA) by Sita Ostheimer (2018), created for the 3rd year Dance class of FUdK; AERO (2019), a piece by Lucy Flournoy; NINA (2020), a film by Damian Popp; Elevator to Anaphora (2020) and The Ostrich with the Hidden Head from Samadhyana Dance Company; Landscaping 0.3 (2021) from Bianca Mendonça; Robert Ashley Episodes from Perfect Lives with Brian McCorkle and Paul Pinto at FFT Düsseldorf; Das Märchen vom 1008-Füßler and Floh und Laus feiern Hochzeit (2022), children’s concert from Barquito de Papel.

In 2021, she co-founded CUMA Kollektiv together with Elina Brams Ritzau and Jakob Jentgens. They have been invited to perform their first production Vacation from Love in several festivals, including Full Spin 6 (DE), Phoenix Festival (DE), Mittelyoung (IT) and Mittelfest (IT) and the piece was awarded the Folkwang Preis 2021.

Photo Dominik Antoni

                                                              PHOTO by DOMINIK ANTONI

Winner of the Folkwang Preis 2021 with the movie NINA and the Physical Theatre Concert piece VACATION FROM LOVE.

 The soundtrack for AERO - a physical-theatre piece by Lucy Flournoy -  is released as EP. 

Learn more here.

Click here to listen or buy the album on BandCamp.

The movie NINA from Damian Popp is available at Spectyou stream plattform​.


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