My Story

   Born and raised in Belém do Pará, North of Brazil, I have always felt a connection with music leading me to start learning drums at the age 12 in my local church. Not so long after, I was accepted at Carlos Gomes Conservatory to study drums and percussion, both popular and classical study areas, in the class of Claudia Oliveira, Ricardo Aquino. From 2013 to 2016 got my B.A in Percussion at the State University from Pará (Brazil), class of Ricardo Aquino and in 2017 I enrolled at Folkwang Universität der Künste, class of Prof. Michael Pattmann to study Master in Professional Performance.

curriculum lattes

  • With more than 10 years of playing and studying music I've had great opportunities to play in many different projects, groups, festivals and events:



  • FIMUPA (Internat. Music Fest Pará) with Percussion Groups (GPFCG, BachPará, Rostock Percussion Projekt), OSTP (Theatro da Paz Orchestra), Youth and Main Festival Orchestra (under the direction of Jacob Slagter. {2009-2016}

  • FESTA DO RITMO. Percussion Festival from Carlos Gomes Foundation. Playing with GPFCG and BachPará.   {2009-2016}

  • VII Encuentro Internacional Percusión at the National Consrevatory of Lima, Perú. Ran Workshops and Masterclasses with TACAP Percussão as the main ensemble of the Festival.    {Jul, 2015}

  • Concert with GPFCG in São Paulo at UNESP (São Paulo State University) and EMESP (Municipal School of São Paulo).    {Mar, 2015}

  • First Percussion Festival of Uberlândia with GPFCG at UFU (Federal University of Uberlândia).{May, 2016)

  • Concert with TACAP Percussão at the III Percussive Encounter of EMESP and a didactic concert at CEU Casa Blanca, São Paulo.   {Sep, 2016}

  • Drumset Workshop at Curro Velho Foudation in Belém do Pará.   {2013,2014}

  • Concert with Madame Drummer at Waldemar Henrique Theater. II Edition BATUQUE Drummers Festival. {Sep, 2014}

  • Concert at 20th Anniversary Celebration of Bachelor in Music Course at Theatro da Paz, with FLUXOS.    {2016}

  • Premiere in Brazil, as solist, “El agua Zurumba” from Wilson Haro, with the Symphonic Band of Carlos Gomes Foundation.   {2013}

  • Premiere as solist, in Pará, “Essay N°4” piece composed inspired by Minoru Miki’s “Marimba Spiritual” – for Marimba Solo and 3 percussionists, by conductor and trumpet player Barry Ford at Theatro da Paz. {2016}

  • Metropolis Multi-Media Event, World Premiere from "Metrohit" Audiovisual & Percussion by Roberta Medina/Davi Valois/Bruna Cabral. On November 17, 2017 at Culver Center of the Arts, California.

  • Concert Afro/Samba music with João Nogueira and Mara Minjoli at Vila Rü.   {Fev, 2018}

  • Show with Denise Krammer and João Nogueira at Festival Tanto Mar.  {Mai, 2019}

  • Giving Workshop Classical/Brazilian Percussion in Essen Philharmonie.   {Mai, 2019}

  • Concert with "Archi di Colonia" conductor Reinmar Neuner and "RZ-Percussion Ensemble" director Ralf Zartmann. Carmen Suite for Percussion and Strings, Georges Bizet/Rodion Schtschedrin (geb. 1932).  {Feb. 2019}

  • Percussionist/Drummer at the theater play "Das Große Fabrik" at Machinenhaus Essen and "Die Zauberpuppe" at Vorburg Schloss Hardenberg, from Moneka Theater company.   {Dez, 2018/Apr. 2019}   "DAS GROßE FABRIK" TRAILER

  • Concert with LandesJugendOrchester (LJO), conductor Rüdiger Bohn. Premiere of „qos“ by Gerald Eckert, for Soprano sax, Tubax and Orchestra.  {Apr. 2019}

  • Drummer at Sita Ostheimer piece, "Species Pitches", for Tanzabend 2018 at Folkwang Universität der Künste.   {Jun, 2018}  CHECK A SHORT TRAILER here!

  • Concert with ELETRONIC ID at the "ACHT BRÜCKEN" Composition Competition's Final Concert. "Tiling Collider" by Pablo Garretón Izquierdo.  {Mai. 2019} 

  • Concert "Klassiknacht" with the "Deutsch Kammerakademie Neuss am Rhein" under the direction of Marc Coppey (FR). {June. 2019}

  • Summer Concert 2019 with the Aachener Kammerorchester in Aachen, conducted by Reinmar Neuner. {June. 2019}