In collaboration with Lucy Flournoy and the ensemble, Brazilian percussionist Bruna Cabral composed and recorded 3 original tracks to accompany the October 2019 premiere of AERO at the ZONTA 100 Celebration in the historical Stadthalle concert hall in Wuppertal, Germany.

In AERO's soundtrack each unique personality of these magestic creatures is well printed in the music. Bruna has carefully chosen the instruments for the track. She explores colors and timbres to express the richness of each chareacter through the sound. The different moods and images that the composer creates are direct related to the essence of each element from AERO's world.


released February 5, 2021
Composition & Recording

Bruna Cabral

Mixing & Mastering Davi Valois

Space Cow Music
Cover Art

Bianca Menezes

In AERO, 8 unique, mystical creatures arrive at the great conference with a serious issue to debate, the consequences of which will affect them all. What happens when the beings, each with their own individual needs and goals, are thrown together? Will they collide in conflict or find harmony in collaboration? Whether they like it or not, a great journey lies before them, though the path and destination remain unclear. How to proceed? Forward? Backward? Or perhaps inward? Is it possible to arrive without knowing where one is going? Inspired by the allegorical Sufi poem from the 12th century, The Conference of the Birds, by Attar of Nishapur, the physical theatre piece AERO uses simple elements of sound, spacing, stage presence, and movement to follow the 8 as they make their way, collectively and individually, through unknown territory and unexpected challenges.