Vacation from Love - a Physical Theatre Concert piece // by CUMA Collective

In the dim lights of a club three pairs of eyes meet. Whom do we desire – and, in the end, whom do we love? What would happen if we followed nothing but our instincts and let ourselves be guided solely by desire? In this physical theatre concert three performers seduce the audience with songs from the Canadian musician Michelle Gurevich. A study in audacity, a sensual blend of cabaret, sex appeal and gender bending.

Concept & Idea: Elina Brams Ritzau // Music & Performance: Bruna Cabral, Jakob Jentgens, Elina Brams Ritzau // Outside Eye: Saskia Rudat // Costum: Alexandra Tivig, Elina Brams Ritzau // Audio: Martin Preu // Original Score: Michelle Gurevich

Vacation from Love has been performed in Erfurt at Phoenix Festival #1 and in Essen at Full Spin Festival #6. The piece has also been nominated and won the Folkwang Preis 2021.


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